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The Why Minutes provides insight into the most pressing questions about how society works.

We explore the underlying reasons, motivations, and philosophies that inform decisions, promote greater understanding, and advance a society dedicated to preserving and advancing freedom.

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Ep. #42 – Why Politics Was Uncivil Before, During, And After Trump

The common narrative about politics today is that things have gotten so nasty and uncivil. But just a casual glance at history shows that politics has ALWAYS been uncivil. Here’s why.
December 1, 2021

Ep. #41 – Why Bernie Sanders Is Wrong About Deodorant

Bernie Sanders thinks that America needs fewer consumer goods in order to help the poor or feed the homeless. Here’s why he’s wrong.
November 24, 2021

Ep. #40 – Why The New Deal Didn’t End The Great Depression

We’ve all heard the story about how the New Deal ended the Great Depression. The only problem is, it isn’t true, and here’s why.
November 17, 2021

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